Our Community Kirtan program has expanded to include Montreal Canada, Burlington VT, Montclair NJ, Manchester CT, Amherst MA, Sarasota FL, San Francisco CA, West Cork Ireland, Cambridge MA and Houston TX. We are so grateful for the community teams in each location organizing regular events! Find out how to host a Community Kirtan in Your community.

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Glimpses from our Community Kirtans across the country

San Francisco

Blessings! In San Francisco the Community Kirtan hosts began having hot food each week. Now, the community has begun to bring food items as well and it has grown. If someone is hungry there is food available to ground before the practice or it can be had afterward as blessed prasad. May you continue to warm hearts and bellies SF!

In Burlington, community members have learned more about the lifeline that a Kirtan can provide for those in need of connection. “I cannot explain kirtan but I know it needs to keep happening in our community. People need each other and need that space….kirtan keeps them going every week. Just that something that is there, no matter what else may not be, to gain so much from participating in the experience, knowing it will be there again and again.”


Very sweet night at Unity of SRQ for our weekly kirtan. We had a number of people who had never been there, including a couple of beautiful high school folks who expressed interest in evangelizing kirtan to their friends! We went deep and raised much needed funds for the All Faiths Food Bank – to help feed the needy kids of Sarasota and Desoto counties. Special thanks to Larry for his solid drumming and to all for singing the names of God with open hearts and lots of soul. I am truly blessed to know and chant with you. Thank you. Jai Ram!!!!


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University Sacred Sounds

We reached over 10,000 students in the past years through our innovative Sacred Sounds program.  The project depends on the volunteer efforts of talented graduates from Rutgers University who are now mentoring hosts at six other schools.   We need your help to keep these events free for students!


Our Prison Program

Our partnering artists offer the practice of mantra chanting regularly in prisons around the country.  They volunteer their time and you can help cover their gas.


Our Amazing Artists

The Call and Response Foundation and our artists are committed to individuals and communities through sharing the power of sacred sound.

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Take a look at how we have grown and what was manifested in 2016. We are excited for 2017 and the work ahead. Thank you for all your support.

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Call and Response Foundation is excited to partner with this inspiring project. The film is a pilgrimage through the roots of Yoga, captured from the lens of the heart. Click HERE to learn more and take a peek below at a few of the magnificent images.



Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.00.28 PM


Learn this beautiful chant by Snatam Kaur.



Hope Gateway event with the Hanumen




THANK YOU to everyone who made this event an amazing success!

Click HERE to see videos of the event

Chant 4 Change

Chant 4 Change



Call and Response is PROUD to have sponsored this tour




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Vermantra Fundraiser!

The annual community 12 hour chant fest in Burlington, VT raised funds for Nandi Animal Rescue and Call and Response Foundation’s prison program. Chants were led by community leaders, a potluck meal was served throughout the day and an all volunteer crew ran sound, cleaned up and made it happen! Thank you to all!!


“Every single repetition of the Name carries a magnetism, power, and energy that will bring fruit sometime or another. Do the practice even if your heart is not in it. These practices are our only tool we have in this life, to wake up at all.” ~ Krishna Das ~

Call and Response Foundation Blog

Our Community Kirtan outreach Program

Our Community Kirtan outreach Program

Call and Response is committed to our many outreach programs to help serve communities through chant. We are adding more cities to our current active list of 8 and have recently even expanded to West Cork, Ireland! Yes, chant is happening all around the globe. One of our newest Community Kirtan cities is Houston and their Kirtan events are a part of an organization called Conscious Houston. Their mission statement is: “Conscious Houston is a community dedicated to living the philosophy of bhakti-yoga. Bhakti-yoga focuses on developing our connection to the pure love that is present within our hearts. Through music, meditation, and many aspects of what we call a conscious lifestyle, we invite you to join us in creating a more conscious Houston.” Beyond just Kirtan, they host an event called Mantra Mixer. It is described as: “…an event hosted by Conscious Houston that showcases a medley of sacred mantras and contemporary music. Mantras are traditionally considered sacred hymns, but when done with musical instruments, it can be powerful, enlivening and fun! During this event we will feature local musicians, a free yoga class, henna, and mantra meditation.” To learn more you can visit their Website or Facebook page!... read more

Here at Call and Response Foundation we welcome questions about the work we do and all of our programs. Here is an excerpt from an interview we did talking about the organization, the Kirtan scene in general and one of our outreach programs in particular If you have questions or curiosities, please contact us. Can you tell me a little about the organization – how it began, what it does ? We started 7 years ago when three colleagues and lovers of kirtan realized there was little or sno spport available for those organizing, planning and hosting kirtans. In 2010 a small group of enthusiastic and inspired lovers of bhakti came together with the idea of supporting and creating mantra music for more audiences through community outreach, concerts and related projects. They were inspired to do this by creating new models of how to offer transcendent sound. This included connecting community members, musicians, yoga practitioners, universities, and other unique partners. The initial philosophy also included the desire to make the practice of presenting mantra music more easeful for the affiliated musicians and to provide them with communication and managerial support. To answer these needs and as part of their purpose in life they formed the Call and Response Foundation, a grassroots non-profit organization, now a registered 501(c)3 charity with tax deductible status How has the Kirtan scene changed over say the last 10 – 15 years ? It’s become more organized here in the west…and in some was more commercialized. Some folks now lead kirtan for a “living!” There are debates about whether it is being done true to... read more
Glimpses of Community Kirtan

Glimpses of Community Kirtan

This is from our Community Kirtan in Sarasota Florida:   “Holy smokes!!! Great crowd at Unity of SRQ tonight for our weekly kirtan. We created amazing vibrations of sound, devotion and love. Above it all and part of it all, we raised $176.00 for the All Faiths Food Bank!!! Thank you all for your generosity and for sharing your hearts and voices. Thanks as well to Stevananda and Tej for leading beautiful chants and to Hukam for his rock solid drumming and support. I love you all and feel so very blessed for our SRQ kirtan community. And, last but certainly not least, thanks to Jen Canfield and the generous souls who fund the Call & Response Foundation for facilitating the creation of our weekly SRQ kirtan group…..and for paying the rent!!! Jai Hanuman, Jai Sita Ram!!!”     Chant by twinkle... read more
Why Do We Chant

Why Do We Chant

“Kirtan is the glue that binds out hearts together.” – David Newman   Here is a link to a short read from Kripalu’s website about about the basics and overview of Kirtan. It has quotes from David Newman, Krishna Das and Deva Premal. Enjoy! “In the last decade, India’s ancient call-and-response form of chanting has been reinvented by modern devotional artists who are blending traditional kirtan with modern music genres such as rock, R&B, hip hop, and electronica—breathing new life (and new devotion) into yoga’s sacred chants. But what, exactly, are these chants about?” click HERE to read... read more
San Francisco Community Kirtan

San Francisco Community Kirtan

The Call and Response Foundation sponsors community Kirtan events in 6 different cities (soon to be 7 as Houston joins us). We are amazed to hear from them each month with the stories they share. It reminds us how significant this practice can be and how it touches the lives of so many. Here is an excerpt from our San Francisco host. “Our weekly Wednesday night kirtan and the sangha that’s grown around it continue to blossom. I don’t know how some of these people find us, but they continue to come in and have their hearts opened by the practice. The group ranges from people off the street who’ve never heard of kirtan or Krishan, to a young man, recently from the East coast, who needed some kirtan connections and new friends here. My fave recent story: a man we’ll call Peter started coming to kirtan several months ago. New to the practice, he was unemployed, depressed, and then got hit by a car. He started coming early and getting harmonium/chanting lessons from Miko, started reading more about Bhakti, and has become a weekly contributor to our group. He’s been unable all these months to put anything into the donation jar, and is one of the reasons I started having food for the group every Wednesday. This past week, there was an envelope in the jar. It was a card from Peter bursting with gratitude for Kirtan and the weekly group, along with a cash donation “to support the Love and buy kitchari supplies.” He got a job and is... read more
Interview with David Newman

Interview with David Newman

Call and Response Foundation is proud to partner with David Newman to offer tours and retreats. David, along with his partner Mira, share their talents to touch so many through chant as well as other community projects. David is a kirtan chant artist, songwriter and Bhakti Yoga practitioner. He travels extensively sharing kirtan and his style of devotional music, embodying the meditative and ecstatic The following is an excerpt from a longer interview. You can read the full interview HERE but in the meantime we wanted to share David’s thoughts on Bhakti Yoga.   LM: As a practitioner and educator of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love or devotion, can you talk about the benefits of this kind of yoga, specifically as it relates to the honest search inward for connection to the Self? DD: When I got introduced to kirtan, which lead me to the practice of Bhakti Yoga, it was early on that feeling of getting connected to devotion and a sense of gratitude towards something greater in life beyond my own ideas, aspirations and beliefs, my own mind. When I had a vision of that something greater, I was enthusiastic about practicing in a way that would enable me to surrender to t-h-a-t and that is the essence of Bhakti Yoga – surrendering to that whatever you call  it, everybody has a different name for it and a different relationship to it, but it is about expressing one’s devotion and surrender to that “Not my will, but thy will be done.” To say it brings a greater sense of flow and ease into one’s life would be an understatement.... read more
Help Songan Village and The Yoga Barn-Bali

Help Songan Village and The Yoga Barn-Bali

On Thursday 9 February, unrelenting heavy rain caused a devastating landslide in Songan Village, North Bali which killed 7 people (including 2 children). This is a very personal loss for us at The Yoga Barn – Bali and BaliSpirit Festival as this is where our Bali Regreen bamboo reforestation outreach program takes place. Members of our outreach program have lost their lives. BaliSpirit has already donated 50,000,000 IDR and have been working up in the village since this tragedy occured, rebuilding homes and schools that were destroyed. The village of Songan is covered in dirty water and mud, a breeding ground for diseases like Typhoid if medical equipment and services are not supplied fast enough. We are reaching out to you, our community as we need your help. Donations of food, water, clothes or blankets, are essential in helping prevent further trauma and disease, to provide food, water and building materials to those who survived. To contribute, you can drop in to Frozen Yogi on Dewi Sita Street in Ubud and donate money or food, water, clothes or blankets – which will go long way. Additionally, we’ve placed cash donation boxes at The Yoga Barn reception desks and we’re holding two events this week, the profits of which will go directly to this cause. Women’s Circle, 6-7.30pm, Friday 17 February, The Yoga Barn, 130,000 IDR Proceeds from this weeks Women’s Circle will go towards the Songan landslide tragedy, led by Yoga Teacher and Humanitarian Activist, Universal Empress – Nadine McNeil​. Benefit Concert (pictured) with John de Kadt & The Hanumen, 7 – 9pm, Saturday 18 March, The Yoga Barn,... read more
Community Kirtan outreach update

Community Kirtan outreach update

Hello everyone! We wanted to share with you how excited we are about our Community Kirtan outreach program.  It has been growing steadily and we now have programs in 7 cities: Montclair NJ, Manchester CT, Amherst MA, Sarasota FL, San Francisco CA, Burlington VT and Houston TX. The community teams in each of these cities are incredible and we are inspired every time we see photos or hear stories about how the kirtan touches their community. We wanted to share a few of these here. Enjoy!   Blessings! In San Francisco the Community Kirtan hosts began having hot food each week. Now, the community has begun to bring food items as well and it has grown. If someone is hungry there is food available to ground before the practice or it can be had afterward as blessed prasad. May you continue to warm hearts and bellies SF! In Burlington, community members have learned more about the lifeline that a Kirtan can provide for those in need of connection. “I cannot explain kirtan but I know it needs to keep happening in our community. People need each other and need that space….kirtan keeps them going every week. Just that something that is there, no matter what else may not be, to gain so much from participating in the experience, knowing it will be there again and again.” You can learn more by going to our Community Kirtan page on our website. Happy... read more

Chant4Change: October 8, 2016

We wanted to share these words from Gaura Vani inspired by an important event happening in October.   Lincoln’s Stairs Let me set the stage for CHANT4CHANGE, I feel like a stranger in a land that’s strange, Terrorism, racism, ringing alarms, We must pull Sita from Ravana’s arms. The voice of the soul lifted in song, With prayerful hearts and intention strong, The Divine names upon our lips, Can lift the tide and with it all ships. We need your voice and 10,000 more, As we knock on history’s sacred door, From the steps where “the dream” was spoken out loud, Where Martin addressed the American crowd. Yet all ears listened that day, and now, We hear our own voice joining his vow, A simple act gives us each our role, Singing together to heal the soul. We are not young, we are not old, We are not the stories we have been told, Nor races, sexes, or economic station, Not one religion, not one nation. We are the soul, the conscious spark, That light dispels the fear of dark, And when 10,000 souls come to sing their prayers, That sound touches heaven from Lincoln’s stairs. Gaura Vani *** Chant4Change: Raise your voice in song to heal the soul of America with thousands from across the social, political and religious spectrum. Celebrate our diversity from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where Dr. King spoke his dream aloud to the world more than 50 years ago. The noise of this year’s presidential elections is loud and divisive. And the volume is increasing. If you love your neighbor without consideration... read more

Shantala Interview and Insights

We love this interview with Benjy and Heather Wertheimer of Shantala Music. Enjoy! Benjy and Heather Wertheimer, aka Shantala have been leading kirtan for the past 15 years. They are known for sharing their love of sacred chanting with beauty, passion and reverence. Shantala has performed and recorded internationally with such sacred music luminaries as Krishna Das, Deva Premal & Miten and Jai Uttal. In summer 2008, they were named as one of the top “Wallahs to Watch” by Yoga + Joyful Living. In the first part of this thoughtful interview, Benjy and Heather discuss the power of kirtan, explain how chanting supports asana practice and offer tips for yoga teachers to incorporate music into their classes. Tell us a bit about your background and how you got involved in leading kirtan and devotional chanting. Shantala: The path that brought each of us into this role is somewhat different, but it’s also wonderful how the confluence of our journeys feels like such a powerful and important part of our relationship. For Benjy, the path started nearly 40 years ago with his first yoga practice – the Naada yoga of Indian classical music, sitting at the feet of the great master musicians Ali Akbar Khan and Zakir Hussain. When he and I got to know each other as songwriters – and later as partners in music and life – my background as a yoga teacher, therapist and folksinger helped guide us into our current roles as kirtan leaders. Benjy began recording and performing with Krishna Das in 2001, and shortly thereafter we were asked by yoga teachers we really loved... read more
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