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The Community kirtan program is inspired by the need for communities to have regular, affordable and accessible kirtan at a consistent time and location.  Call and Response Foundation works in partnership with community leaders to secure and underwrite a venue for regular events.  Events are scheduled and managed by community volunteers, and are run on a donation basis.  Leaders are sourced from the local community and share in any proceeds donated.  The program is now running successfully in 9 cities in the USA, Canada and Ireland with plans to expand to more locations.  For more info on how to bring this program to your hometown contact


Community Kirtan programs:

See the map below to find one of our sponsored Community Kirtans nearest you or click on a particular city in this list.

Montclair, NJ

Amherst, MA

Burlington, VT

Manchester, CT

San Francisco, CA

Sarasota, FL

Houston, TX

Montreal, Canada

West Cork, Ireland

Cambridge, MA

Below are photos, stories and videos from many of our Community Kirtan cities. Enjoy!




“A man from India named Ashish came to our kirtan about 6 months ago and soon was coming every week. He really melded with the group and always participated in satsang. A few weeks ago he moved back to India. So last week we hooked up a live feed of the kirtan and he watched it and chanted along. I believe he said it was early in the morning there, and was going to round up friends to start their day chanting with us this week. What a strange and wonderful world when people from India are tuning in to our simple little kirtan here!

To think of how Kirtan started in Indian villages and now is a world wide movement that feeds back around to it’s homeland is such a swet reminder of the power of divine Love:-)”

“Our Community Kirtan has a growing sense of the divine in our little urban hotspot. It just naturally blossoms from the kirtan practice!”






On May 28th we held our first Community Kirtan at Devi Yoga Studio, Ballydehob, West Cork, Ireland. The energy at this first Communty Kirtan was very soft, open and sweet

There is a little buzz of excitement around the community of Ballydehob that this will be happening regularly. We have had kirtans here in the past, but in a sporadic kind of way, and to have this happening as a regular community event feels deeply special to all of us who are involved.

We chanted to Ma in her forms as Saraswati, Kali, Durge, Sita, to Shiva, to Krishna, to Pachamama, to the awakened heart… and there was a deep and light stillness around and between.


Regular Kirtan events are happening all over the globe and the United States. If you are traveling and want to connect with others through chant, there might be an event wherever you are going. If you know of a Kirtan community that is not on this map, let us know and we are happy to add them to this amazing web of chant!

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