Prison Outreach Program

The Call and Response Foundation affirms the sacred worth of every human being without exception. We recognize that many inmates will one day be free citizens again At least 95 percent of people incarcerated in state prisons will be released back to their communities; It is important to connect these individuals with a practice that fosters a sense of love and peace, helps to heal stress and trauma. Our goal is to cultivate an environment and life lasting tools to help to people live spiritually, ethically and in cooperation with others. That’s the kind of work that serves us all.

“Kirtan is about transcending the kinds of things that cause war—the kinds of things that move us into a place of fear and cause us to focus on our differences,” – Gaura Vani

The healing effects of kirtan benefit the individual and society.

A growing body of medical research suggests that kirtan positively influences the mind-body relationship. It’s been shown to be effective in helping some combat veterans with re-entry into civilian life. In prison, as in the military, trauma and stress are a part of everyday life, often compounding already existing problems. Kirtan music reduces anxiety and depression and helps to counteract the effects of trauma. It heals wounds and re-awakens lost hope, reminding everyone of what is true and whole in them.

Here is a testimonial from a teaching partner who organizes outreach events at a maximum security prison: “Thank you for your energy, intention, & goodness you are contributing to the Kirtan in Prisons project…to the healing and re-balancing of this world”. -A.B.

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Click here to donate. Your generous donation supports:

  • $200 per visit to cover travel expenses, scheduling, lodging and meals for visiting artists.
  • Spreading awareness of program with goals: partnering with more participating artists; finding new institutions and existing programs willing to partner; inspiring new volunteers willing to create word of mouth campaign.

Call and Response is currently open for requests from other facilities interested in hosting live conscious music events. Email for details.


How To Get Involved

  • Tell your fellow lovers of conscious music about this program!
  • Sponsor a visit to one of the correctional centers.
  • Volunteer with the Call and Response Outreach Program. Click here to learn more!

Current Partnering Sites

  • Oregon State Penitentiary
  • Oregon State Correctional Institute
  • Santiam Correctional Institute
  • WISE Battered Womens’ Organization
  • Second Spring Psychiatric Facility
  • Skyland Trail Music Therapy Program
  • Riverbend Maximum Security Prison
  • Hope Gateway Refugee Center

Current Partnering Artists

"This is the first time I've felt free behind bars"

"This music penetrates the heart whether you want it to or not."

“The prison is never quiet, but I can find a space inside me that is “now.” I’ve never had that before. You don’t know how much it really don’t.”

“This is the first time I’ve felt free after 25 years in prison.”


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