vishsingsPhoto courtesy of the Bhakti Beat

We put love in action by creating transformative kirtan events that promote peace and well-being.

We are accomplishing our mission by supporting the community of chant artists, by offering research and resources supporting the healing power of chant, and by facilitating events to benefit varied populations including incarcerated individuals and veterans as well as those in recovery.

Mantra music comes in many forms including kirtan, an ancient Indian practice of call and response chanting that is at the core of bhakti yoga or the yoga of devotion. Chanting has been practiced for thousands of years by diverse cultures and is now undergoing a renaissance in the west. More than just music; chanting is a contemplative practice in the vein of meditation and yoga. It promotes community, peace and conscious living.


You can support our mission by making an investment in our programs and activities by volunteering your time or making a tax-deductible contribution. The Foundation’s efforts are supported 100% by donations and in-kind offerings from people like you who share our vision of conscious music as a transformational tool.

What We Do

Live Events: partnering with artists in planning tours, workshops, trainings, festivals, event production, retreats and outreach events. Our 12 hour grassroots chant event called Vermantra happens annually in Burlington VT.

Outreach Program includes our successful Prison Outreach. We are consistently bringing conscious music to prison inmates in several facilities around the country on a regular basis, including Amy Barnes’ program at Riverbend Maximum Security Prison in TN. Other successful outreach events include events with recovering addicts, trauma victims, elementary students, universities, and refugees.

Education: Our website provides free music, links to educational resources and a calendar listing events our partnering artists are involved in. We are creating opportunities for print resources as well, including new ebooks by Prem Prakash on

Anybody who has become spiritually developed to a degree will
have some power to affect the people around them. And so it’s possible that a kind of positive cycle might take place – as more people become spiritually developed,
they will transmit their insight and well-being to the people around them, who will
in turn transmit their spirituality to the people around them, and so on. It may be
that once a certain critical threshold has been reached – once a certain number of
people have become enlightened, or once the collective spiritual power of the human
race has built up to a certain degree – a great wave of spiritual illumination will
spread through the world like a forest fire; a process of spiritual transmission
building up power and intensity, and eventually leading to an Omega point of
permanent change. -Steven Taylor