The Call and Response Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to sharing the healing power of sacred sound with all those who will listen and engage with it. We are committed to bringing chanting to one million people by 2020.

The Foundation started in 2010 with a dream.

Three people who felt more vibrant, calm, and connected through kirtan, the ancient sanskrit practice of call and response chanting, decided to share the practice with as many people as possible.

Their research about mantra music and chanting revealed that these practices do indeed improve mental, physical and emotional health.

Now, our staff works to connect sacred sound musicians with universities, prisons, psychiatric facilities, refugee communities, shelters, and more so that they can offer free conscious music to participants.

Your donation can help to keep this outreach program alive!

As the organization grows, we carry out our mission in these ways. Please click on the links below to visit these pages and connect with the healing power of conscious music.

We live our mission by:

-Supporting our community of musicians, organizations, and communities who share conscious music with those who can benefit the most.

-Offering free online educational library, including: inspiring music, essays, podcasts, and videos.

-Sponsoring free outreach events matching musicians with prisons, schools, mental health facilities, veterans hospitals, and communities.

Partnering with grassroots initiatives and other organizations who share the healing practice of sacred sound.