The Hanumen

The Hanumen create a soulful and ecstatic celebration of Naada Yoga (the yoga of sacred sound and vibration) and Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of love and devotion in complete surrender) with an array of unique instruments from around the globe. Sita & The Hanumen will deliver a powerful, mesmerizing musical community event of chanting, world rhythm, poignant stories and mystic poetry.


GAURA VANI was born into an American Hare Krishna family and left the US at age six for a gurukula (temple school) in the holy city of Vrindavan, India. He studied ancient Sanskrit and Bengali prayers, learned to play traditional instruments and sing sacred music. He tours internationally offering Kirtan. Gaura’s album Ten Million Moons has become a popular choice for bhaktas and yogi’s around the world.

BENJY WERTHEIMER is an award-winning musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist (playing tabla, congas, percussion, esraj, guitar, and keyboards). He has studied Indian classical music for over 20 years with some of the greatest masters of that tradition. He now tours and records regularly with such artists as Krishna Das and Deva Premal. Benjy has a wide selection of CD’s for relaxation, yoga and meditation. http://www.benjymusic.com/

JOHN de KADT is a percussionist and spoken word artist who has played ethnic and hand percussion instruments for almost 30 years. John tours nationaly and has performed on NBC and PBS. His two CD’s Rhythms Of The Infinite, released Internationally by Sounds True this September and his previous CD, This Rhythm Is Not Mine have both have received excellent reviews. http://www.johndekadt.com/

Purusartha Dasa: Amazing bass player with years of dedicated experience with many talented bands.

Vish Sheth: Since his birth,Vish has been immersed in kirtan. Singing the Sanskrit mantras in their original tunes came natural to him from a very early age. The mridunga drum has become his inseparable companion. While attending an ashram school in India, he studied the ancient origins of kirtan’s sacred mantras, tunes and beats. He also studied harmonium, sitar and flute, along with a number of Western instruments. His knack of fusing the depth of the sacred knowledge of the ancient mantras and tunes with a passionate contemporary flair is elevating the culture of kirtan to new heights.
Vish has traveled to over 25 countries, sharing his unique style of kirtan.  www.mayapuris.com


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Events with The Hanumen

Yoga Mandali Hanumen Retreat
August 11, 2017

Lifebridge Sanctuary Rosendale NY Join the Hanumen this August at The Lifebridge Sanctuary in the beautiful Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains!  Presented by Yoga Mandali, the three day retreat features inspiring music, yoga, hiking, swimming and 90 acres of pristine wilderness to explore! Feast on thoughtfully prepared vegetarian food and chant from your heart at this environmentally conscious retreat center! The multi talented group includes Gaura Vani, John de Kadt, Benjy Wertheimer and Visvambhar Sheth. Enjoy daily Kirtan and workshops in poetry, the Bhagavad Gita, sound energy and Indian Raga. Hear mythical stories and mantra while participating in daily yoga and meditation classes.…

August 25, 2017

  NORTHPORT MAINE Join The Hanumen for a three day retreat on the shores of Saturday Cove in Northport Maine. We will swim, chant, tell stories, dance and learn about the wonders of mantra music. Hosted at Saturday Cove, a restored 1800’s estate, this family friendly immersion into the world of joyful expression will change the way you look at the power of chanting and community forever! Saturday Cove has loads of space…walking distance to the ocean…and many indoor beds! Check out the site here! https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/321041 New this year: children’s program for the entire 3 days with loving counselors, packed…

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