We are excited to share the inspiring stories we’ve been hearing about with you!

♥  Olivia in the DC area is organizing music therapy sessions, including kirtan with a homeless shelter in Virginia.

♥  Xanna in Seattle offers mantra music as part of her sessions at a cafe for recovery.

♥  Rangadevi is working on offering kirtan in psychiatric settings.

♥  Angela teaches yoga in prisons and is working with us to add kirtan to the program.

♥  Charlie chants monthly with a group with disabilities; and travels to their home to offer the program.

♥  Gita raises funds through her kirtan events to help disadvantaged women in India.

♥  Wynne is mobilizing chant artists and events to raise awareness for the endangered elephants.

Do you have time, talent, or treasure to offer to the Call and Response Foundation? Are you offering service to your community using chanting?  We’d like to hear about it!



Here are some ways you can help:



-Kirtan Listings: contribute to our master list of touring artists, community chanting groups, yoga studios offering kirtan, and bhakti clubs throughout the world! Send your information to info@callandresponsefoundation.org
-Retreat and Education Listings: contribute to our master list of retreat centers and chant-related educational offerings. Send your information to info@callandresponsefoundation.org
-Online Library Content: Do you have a song, chant, essay, poem or other inspiring piece to contribute to our online library? Submit it to info@callandresponsefoundation.org


Public Relations / Marketing

-Photos and Videos: attend a kirtan / chanting event and take high quality photos and / or video to share on our website. Submit photos / video to info@callandresponsefoundation.org
-Regional Calendar Listings: help us find places where chanting is happening in your area so that we can list them on our website for all to reference. Submit listings to info@callandresponsefoundation.org
-Mailings: help with bulk mailings of brochures! We will set you up with the supplies you need to do so. Email info@callandresponsefoundation.org to get started.



-Grants: help us identify grants that might match our mission. Email jen@callandresponsefoundation.org to offer suggestions.
-Annual Appeal: support us in our annual Generosity Drive! You canhost a benefit yoga class or kirtan, participate in social media awareness, and more! Email info@callandresponsefoundation.org to offer your support.



We are grateful to you for being part of building the world-wide network of healing sound. Be well and stay in touch!

~Call and Response Foundation Staff