We wanted to share these words from Gaura Vani inspired by an important event happening in October.


Lincoln’s Stairs

Let me set the stage for CHANT4CHANGE,
I feel like a stranger in a land that’s strange,
Terrorism, racism, ringing alarms,
We must pull Sita from Ravana’s arms.

The voice of the soul lifted in song,
With prayerful hearts and intention strong,
The Divine names upon our lips,
Can lift the tide and with it all ships.

We need your voice and 10,000 more,
As we knock on history’s sacred door,
From the steps where “the dream” was spoken out loud,
Where Martin addressed the American crowd.

Yet all ears listened that day, and now,
We hear our own voice joining his vow,
A simple act gives us each our role,
Singing together to heal the soul.

We are not young, we are not old,
We are not the stories we have been told,
Nor races, sexes, or economic station,
Not one religion, not one nation.

We are the soul, the conscious spark,
That light dispels the fear of dark,
And when 10,000 souls come to sing their prayers,
That sound touches heaven from Lincoln’s stairs.
Gaura Vani


Raise your voice in song to heal the soul of America with thousands from across the social, political and religious spectrum. Celebrate our diversity from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where Dr. King spoke his dream aloud to the world more than 50 years ago.

The noise of this year’s presidential elections is loud and divisive. And the volume is increasing. If you love your neighbor without consideration of their religion, politics, race, sex, age, economic status, it may seem there is no place for your voice to be heard. Chant music has long powered revolutionary action from Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr.. Chant4Change is “conscious action” – an alternative to the negativity.
On 10/08, one month before Election Day, thousands will gather on the steps of the iconic Lincoln Memorial and raise their voices in unity, peace and harmony to celebrate and heal our nation. Featuring legendary musicians, thought leaders, social activists, spiritual and religious leaders, Chant4Change can harness the unprecedented attention from the media on Washington, DC and focus it on a universal message of healing, brotherhood and faith.