Hello everyone!

We wanted to share with you how excited we are about our Community Kirtan outreach program.  It has been growing steadily and we now have programs in 7 cities: Montclair NJ, Manchester CT, Amherst MA, Sarasota FL, San Francisco CA, Burlington VT and Houston TX. The community teams in each of these cities are incredible and we are inspired every time we see photos or hear stories about how the kirtan touches their community. We wanted to share a few of these here. Enjoy!


  • Blessings! In San Francisco the Community Kirtan hosts began having hot food each week. Now, the community has begun to bring food items as well and it has grown. If someone is hungry there is food available to ground before the practice or it can be had afterward as blessed prasad. May you continue to warm hearts and bellies SF!
  • In Burlington, community members have learned more about the lifeline that a Kirtan can provide for those in need of connection. “I cannot explain kirtan but I know it needs to keep happening in our community. People need each other and need that space….kirtan keeps them going every week. Just that something that is there, no matter what else may not be, to gain so much from participating in the experience, knowing it will be there again and again.”

You can learn more by going to our Community Kirtan page on our website.

Happy Chanting!