Kripa Kirtan Tour

June 2019

Prisons – Mental Health – Studios


Kripa is a new kirtan band born out of the love of Ram Dass, Neem Karoli Baba, and Hanuman, and this upcoming kirtan tour aims to spread their timeless teachings of “Love, Serve, Remember.” Their band is named after “Kṛpā,” the Divine Grace that opens the heart, quiets the mind, inspires service, and ignites the spiritual path.



Each member has served as a caregiver for Ram Dass, and now they share his teachings through activism, kirtan, workshops, and writings. They are kirtan leaders, story tellers, and multi-instrumentalists contributing their unique gifts to this collective project. To learn more, click on the images above.


Tour Dates

Oregon State Correctional Facility June 6
San Quentin State Prison June 16
More coming soon…

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