Call and Response is committed to our many outreach programs to help serve communities through chant. We are adding more cities to our current active list of 8 and have recently even expanded to West Cork, Ireland! Yes, chant is happening all around the globe.

One of our newest Community Kirtan cities is Houston and their Kirtan events are a part of an organization called Conscious Houston. Their mission statement is: “Conscious Houston is a community dedicated to living the philosophy of bhakti-yoga. Bhakti-yoga focuses on developing our connection to the pure love that is present within our hearts. Through music, meditation, and many aspects of what we call a conscious lifestyle, we invite you to join us in creating a more conscious Houston.”

Beyond just Kirtan, they host an event called Mantra Mixer. It is described as: “…an event hosted by Conscious Houston that showcases a medley of sacred mantras and contemporary music. Mantras are traditionally considered sacred hymns, but when done with musical instruments, it can be powerful, enlivening and fun! During this event we will feature local musicians, a free yoga class, henna, and mantra meditation.”

To learn more you can visit their Website or Facebook page!