The Call and Response Foundation sponsors community Kirtan events in 6 different cities (soon to be 7 as Houston joins us). We are amazed to hear from them each month with the stories they share. It reminds us how significant this practice can be and how it touches the lives of so many.

Here is an excerpt from our San Francisco host.

“Our weekly Wednesday night kirtan and the sangha that’s grown around it continue to blossom. I don’t know how some of these people find us, but they continue to come in and have their hearts opened by the practice.

The group ranges from people off the street who’ve never heard of kirtan or Krishan, to a young man, recently from the East coast, who needed some kirtan connections and new friends here.

My fave recent story: a man we’ll call Peter started coming to kirtan several months ago. New to the practice, he was unemployed, depressed, and then got hit by a car. He started coming early and getting harmonium/chanting lessons from Miko, started reading more about Bhakti, and has become a weekly contributor to our group. He’s been unable all these months to put anything into the donation jar, and is one of the reasons I started having food for the group every Wednesday.

This past week, there was an envelope in the jar. It was a card from Peter bursting with gratitude for Kirtan and the weekly group, along with a cash donation “to support the Love and buy kitchari supplies.” He got a job and is thriving.”