Our Community Kirtan outreach program has been growing! Just this year we have included Houston, Montreal, Cambridge and West Cork Ireland. We are now running programs in 10 cities with plans to keep expanding.

The stories and feedback we receive about how these chant events touch the lives of those who participate is both joyful and profound! If you are interested in reading more, we share some of these stories on our website in “Glimpses from our Community Kirtans across the country”.

If this is the first time you are hearing about our program, please learn more on our website.
If you know of a community or person that might be a good fit to host Community Kirtan, get in touch with us. We are excited to keep growing and share the practice of chant around the globe.

Thanks for being a part of the Call and Response family. We hope to chant with you some time soon.


In Burlington, community members have learned more about the lifeline that a Kirtan can provide for those in need of connection. “I cannot explain kirtan but I know it needs to keep happening in our community. People need each other and need that space….kirtan keeps them going every week. Just that something that is there, no matter what else may not be, to gain so much from participating in the experience, knowing it will be there again and again.”